Rules for ERG 3.1

My new season has already begun and I think it has been a good start. I’m only updating my spreadsheet once a month so I don’t know for sure, but with a qualifed guess I would say it has been a really good start.

Like I said in the summary of ERG 3.0 I have a lot of rules to follow in my funds. If I stick to the rules I know I am going to have some really good results after a year of betting. My dicipline wasn’t good enough last season and I payed a lot for those mistakes. Therefore it is more important than ever to follow this rules this season.

The rules

  1. Rule number one is to always follow my rules. No exceptions or special occasions. Always follow my rules.
  2. I will only follow the services that I’ve decided before the seasons starts. The last two years I have taking in new services under the ongoing series. This has cost me alot and I will not pay for that mistake again.
  3. Never drop out of a service. I have done a lot of research of every service and they are in my portfolio for a reason. I believe in them and a short period of bad result will not change that. Think long term!
  4. Always follow my staking plan with every tipster. Before the tipsters seasons start I set a flatbet on everyone. This is the betsize that will stick with them over the entire year.
  5. Follow my filters on tipsters and only bet the bets I know is really good. No gambling, just investing.
  6. Skip bets that has dropped to much or where I can’t get the same odds as the tipster. Especially with N.M.P I have seen a problem to get a fair odds when I miss the sending time with the bets. The drops is very big when it comes to betting on horses and I need to stay calm and stay out of the bets.

The rules are actually pretty obvious and easy. The hard part is to have the dicipline and not fall for psycological traps. But if I stick to this rules I know for sure my fourth year will be at least as good as year three. My long term goal with betting is to have a ROI of between 101-102 % and if I stick to this I’m sure that I will achieve wit ease under 2017-2018.


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