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Almost a month has gone since I started my fourth year on this blog following tipsters. It has, been a good month so far I think, and hopefully this will continue. I work simultaneously with my placing of bets and the upbuilding of my new tipster portfolio for the season. After the successfull season last year I now have bigger bankroll to handle which gives me an opportunity to take in services that I thought was to expensive last year when my stakes was 500-600 per bet.

After every other seasons, when I didn’t made any profits, I deposit money to my bankroll just to stand on the same spot as I did the season before. To this sesaon when I made a huge profit (oh well) I decided to deposit some money anyway. To this new season my bankroll is established on 125 000 SEK. I started last season with 50 000 and after a winning season of  44 000 SEK, my bankroll was up to 94 000 SEK. That means I deposit another 31 000 to my bankroll.

This is the largest bankroll I have had since I started betting and it feels like I’m doing this even more seriously now. I still think of my betting as a great hobby, but the possibilities is really great in this hobby. It feels dumb to not give it a serious try, now when I have the chance.

A bankroll of 125 000 would have give a standard bet of 1 250 SEK per unit. It would have been a rational thing to have. But I have decided to have a few Tipsters on a higher unitscale, 1 500 per play. 15 00 means 1.2 % of my bankroll which isn’t that much more. I still feel pretty safe with this stakings because I only use this higher stake with Tipsters that I know performs very well and the downside is low.


My portfolio isn’t definitly decided yet. There are still some services that I’m thinking of adding. But these 6 tipsters are a part of portfolio for uncoming season for sure:


We can start with my high stake tipsters. Club Gowi is my favorite tipster and he produced a great profit last season. I am very confident in his service and it deserves a higher stake. Even my Eu Tipster is a great service that has prodiced most of my profits the last 3 years. I’m a bit worried of limitation with the service, but as long as I can keep going, it is a superb Tipster. These two have great opportunities to have a far better ROI than my expected of 1-2 %. If they have a season as good as last year it could give me some serious money. If just these two have a ROI of 5 %, which is lower than last year, they will produce more profit than my exepcted for the whole portfolio.

The third tipster with a higher stake is a new tipster named Tipster 3. This is a Tipster that I have followed i few years back and now decided to take in again when my bankroll is bigger. It was left out from the portfolio for a couple of years because it has a fairly bigger fee. Now when I can bet 1500 it’s clearly worth a place again. Historically I can expect around 200 bets from my filtered part and 600 in total for the service. Every bet is achievable on the asian markets which is great in long term perspective.

Tipster 1 is upgraded to a stake of 1000 per bet. It performed well last season and hopefullt we will se something simular this season.

My horse racing tipster Northern Monkey Punter has a staking of 0.25-3 unit per bet. I will be following this staking with 600 SEK per unit. Of what I can read on his webpage he generates around 800 bets per year with a average stake of 1 unit per bet.

Last of my Tipsters is my own bets. I’m not raising the stake of my own tips for next season. I don’t trust my own knowledge as much as I trust my other Tipsters. My MLB season is this far a disaster and I have long way to go for just breakeven for the season.

Taken away from my portfolio is Le Grand Foot and Asian Tipster 2. Le Grand foot will not be included in the Club Gowi newsletter this season and I am not interested in buying their services for now. Tipster 2 is left out preliminary because I don’t know yet if I can follow him from my new home because of time differences.

As I said, this is not set in stone yet and there might be some other Tipsters before the seasons start. I’m really excited for this year and I think it have all the chances in the world to be my best season yet.

Next post here on the blog will be my Monthly report for July so stay tuned.



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