Monthly report July

It’s a new month again and that means it’s time to look back on the numbers of the previous month. July was the first month in my 4th year betting and it was a really great start. I have leveled up my stakes and have a maximum bet on 1 500 SEK this season. This means the swings are much higher, in absolute numbers counted, which means it take more of me as a bettor to just ride the strikes out. Hopefully all month will be as smooth like this month. Then it’s going to be a easy ride to success. But like we all know, betting is not a smooth ride and long losing strikes will appear. But lets enjoy months like this, because this is what makes betting just the greatest hobby there is.

ERG 3.1

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 10.34.37.png

BOOM! Or what else can I say? A really great start to the fund with the highest return since the blog started, I suppose.

I placed 288 bets in July with a quarter of a million in turnover. A lot more in turnover than previous month which can be traced back to the higher stakes. 288 bets is very good in the low key summer months. ROI for the month was 106.14 % which is well over what I expect long term.

Horse racing


My horse racing project has been my biggest concern under the last few month. And my concern continues this month. 127 bets placed on horses and another losing month. Not as big as the last two but still a losing month. I have a unit size of 600 on N.M.P which means 1.5 units back. The official stats for the service was minus 10 units. This shows how easy the service is to follow and how generous his odds policy is. Despite this generous odds policy, he shows a long term ROI of 108 %. If he hasn’t lost his mojo, this is truly going to be the best service that I have ever followed.

The other tipsters that I followed this month generated a ROI on 108 % with an average odds on 2.16 and 52 % win rate. Stable!

MLB 2017

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 11.09.07.png

My own bets on MLB showed profit for the first month this season. Hopefully I can build on this and make more money in August. Low turnover because of the All-star break.


As I have wrote before, I’m looking for few new services too follow. But there is not much that fits my profil. Easy to follow, set sending times and a high ROI is not something you find easily. The hunt continues! I have followed the big debate about Marketbeaters from the sideline as I don’t have the service myself. I wrote about them in a review (in swedish) in this post and most of it is still valid. They are a service for a betting beginner that spend alot of time in front of a computer. If you want a service that performs on the asian market, this is probably not the service for you.

Well I end my report here. July was a great month in terms of betting and I am really excited about the upcoming football season. It’s going to be really fun to have 20+ bets on a suturday afternoon to follow again, with some horse racing and other sports to complement the football.



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