Portfolio ERG 3.1

I am now done with my portfolio for the upcoming year. I am very excited about this year and I am more confident than I have been in a very long time. I think I have good mix of tipsters and with a great potential to beat last years result

The base of my portfolio is the same as last year, but I have added some newcomers. Roughly 60 % of my bets approxingly are going to be from old tipsters, like Gowi and NMP. This is tipsters I know exactly how I am going to follow and they will produce I nice profit for me. The other 40 % is new, but not entirely new. I have followed a lot of them earlier and have the knowledge that it takes to get a great profit from them.

Målsättning 2017

I have three categories of tipsters: Asian, lower yield and european books. Every tipster and category has its own goal which I think is very low settled.

I am counting on placing 7 500 though this season with a turnover on over 7 000 000 SEK. Thats more than twice as much than last year. My expected ROI is slightly more than I managed to have last year, but if I only stick to my rules, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am actually pretty optimistic about beating this goals. The goals of each individual tipster is settle on the low side. Like Gowi had a ROI of 105 % last year (108 % with the same filter that I am using this year), but my goal is just 102 % for this year.

The expected profit of the year is 127 600 SEK which means a ROC slightly over 100 %.




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