The mail that every gambler fear…

At last it has happen. I got the email that every gambler fear and that I have had nightmares about for years. I knew it was unavoidable but it is hard to take anyway.

It has been by far the best european bookie I have tested and the one that lasted the longest. But nothing last for ever and everything comes to an end. After the last couple of years I was surprised I didn’t got this mail before. Since the start of ERG 3.0 I have placed 1100+ bets on your site with a ROI of 104.75 %. Thats around ten times more than the average EU-book has given me before they sent the letter. Maybe it was stupid to start bet on horse racing with you. The last months winnings must have been hard for you to handle. But still, nothing is forever and everything got a end.

Now a new era starts.

Rest In Peace my Bet365 account.




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