Monthly report September

It has been a really long time since i updated this blog and far to many days over my deadline to write the montly report of my betting portfolio. But there is so much other things that has had a higher grade of importance for me right now. My life has changed both one and two times in just two months and it takes o lot of time to adjust to the new give.

But finally I am done with septembers numbers and can start summerize it here. It will be a short blogpost though. The long reports is more valuable for me when they are fresh and I can express my feelings and thoughts. Now when I have placed a few hundred bets more than this report shows, it’s a bit unnecessairy.

ERG 3.1

 Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 18.21.09

Almost 700 bets this month with an average betsize of 1000 SEK. My turnover is getting bigger and in oktober it will get even higher. In the end of september my last tipsters leagues started which means very high volume and many bets.

Profit for the month is 4400 SEK, not an excellent result but every month with a green result is a good month. A ROI of 100.65 % is below my goal for a entire season but nothing to worry about.


Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 18.38.51

The sports part of my portfolio is back to a winning month after a disapointing month in august. Almost 550 bets was placed with a healthy ROI of 101.7 %. A stable month in other words.

My own bets on MLB had a really bad finish to the season with a negative profit of 3000 SEK from 25 bets placed. I ended my season early because I didn’t had the time to follow as much as I wanted and therefore lost my edge. I dont think I had a marketbeat on any of my last bets which is quite telling of my bad performance. A review of my MLB season is to follow when I have the time to analyse it. Stay tuned.

Horse racing

Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 18.28.47

We are back to a bad month with the horses. The closing of my Bet365 account has hurt this part of my portfolio the hardest. Under the later part of september and forward I am trying to follow on the exchanges. It is much harder but I think it will still provide some profit over the course of a year. The swings will be higher because of the lack of win/place opportunitys. But to only back the horses to win has showed a higher expected return over the long term so hopefully I will manage some swings and get to enjoy some winnings.

A negative profit of over 6000 SEK for this month. Maybe not that big of a surprise after the superb month in august. Variance has that effect.

July – September

Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 18.56.06

The end of september also means the end of the first quarter of my betting year. After this three months I have a managed to have a total profit of 30 000 SEK. An average of 10 000 per month which is over my living costs as a student. A great result! My long term goal is to have a ROI of between 101 and 102 % which I am above right now.

In other words, the betting fund has gotten a great start!

Thats all for this month. Hopefully I have more time in the beggining of november so I can write a more up to date report and with more analyse. We’ll see.

Untile then, live well and may the sports gods be with you!



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