Life never turn out as planned

As the above quote says, life never turn out as planned. This fall I was supposed to live a abroad and study. In this scenario my plan to follow my set portfolio would not be a problem. The life as student is free and you can place bet on any time on the day and always be available. The perfect setup for a portfolio gambler.

Instead of this life, I change my mind and went back to Sweden to start my career and got myself a job. The life of a 9 to 5 worker plus a part time job after that is not suitable at all for a portfolio gambler. This is shown in my results where I in some cases have trouble to follow my services. The bets I miss is the one with the biggests drops and also the biggest values.

This is not sustainable and I have to do a real reconstruction of the portfolio. I have already ditched one service and from december and forward I am letting go three more. The only ones left is the ones that I still can get the advised bets on and still getting value from.

It is a bit of a 80/20 thinking in my new portfolio. The high volume services gets out and my stable low key services are still in the game. I think this can be good. It’s a bit sad to escape my plan and break all my rules, but in this case I think I have no choise. My spreadsheet has been behind all autumn and I have really no time to update 600 bets per month. From now on it is going to be more like the half of that or maybe a third which is more reasonable for be to have time for.

My results has been awful the last couple of month and that is a part of this big change. Not just that I can’t handling long losing streaks, but that my services doesn’t show near as bad results as me. Most showing is N.M.P, a service that I has stopped follow for just this reason. My own results stand on a negative ROI of 12 % while the official results shows a positive ROI of 20 %. I have only missed 10 of his bets, but five of them are winners.

I am ready to get back on the horse with new power and change my bad results again. Novembers number is on their way, but I am still a lot of bet to record so it can take a week or so. Until then, may the betting gods be with you 🙂




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