Life never turn out as planned

As the above quote says, life never turn out as planned. This fall I was supposed to live a abroad and study. In this scenario my plan to follow my set portfolio would not be a problem. The life as student is free and you can place bet on any time on the day and always be available. The perfect setup for a portfolio gambler.

Instead of this life, I change my mind and went back to Sweden to start my career and got myself a job. The life of a 9 to 5 worker plus a part time job after that is not suitable at all for a portfolio gambler. This is shown in my results where I in some cases have trouble to follow my services. The bets I miss is the one with the biggests drops and also the biggest values.

This is not sustainable and I have to do a real reconstruction of the portfolio. I have already ditched one service and from december and forward I am letting go three more. The only ones left is the ones that I still can get the advised bets on and still getting value from.

It is a bit of a 80/20 thinking in my new portfolio. The high volume services gets out and my stable low key services are still in the game. I think this can be good. It’s a bit sad to escape my plan and break all my rules, but in this case I think I have no choise. My spreadsheet has been behind all autumn and I have really no time to update 600 bets per month. From now on it is going to be more like the half of that or maybe a third which is more reasonable for be to have time for.

My results has been awful the last couple of month and that is a part of this big change. Not just that I can’t handling long losing streaks, but that my services doesn’t show near as bad results as me. Most showing is N.M.P, a service that I has stopped follow for just this reason. My own results stand on a negative ROI of 12 % while the official results shows a positive ROI of 20 %. I have only missed 10 of his bets, but five of them are winners.

I am ready to get back on the horse with new power and change my bad results again. Novembers number is on their way, but I am still a lot of bet to record so it can take a week or so. Until then, may the betting gods be with you 🙂




Monthly report August

Finally I have some time to write again. It’s been a hectic few weeks and I have had a lot of things to take care of. Therefore this months report is slightly thinner than it use to be.

ERG 3.1

Screenshot 2017-09-02 at 23.16.51

The fall is here and we are heading against high volume months. August marks the end to the summer which is the ones with least bets for me historically. Thanks to the horse racing project, it is now a days not that low volume as it used to be. Total amount of bets for august lands on 461, which really is an ok number. Compared to last year it is nearly the double. In the next couple of month the amount of bets will be very high. I think that I’m going to break the 1k limit of bets in a month.

The results for the month lands on 10 000 SEK profit. I really nice profit for a month which is achieved with a ROI of 102,5 %.

Horse Racing

Screenshot 2017-09-02 at 23.17.08

What a fantastic month for my horse racing tipsters! This months winning makes this project breakeven since the start. I can only hope it will continue because then I have a goldmine.

I have also tried out a new horse racing tipster this month, someone I read about in Secret Betting Clubs reports. His results since the start has been incredible and almost all of my winnings is from him this month. N.M.P. did also have a winning month but only slightly.

Horse Racing excluded

Screenshot 2017-09-02 at 23.17.23

Not as good as the horse racing or at all for that matter. A loss of 10 000 SEK is not good at all. I am not stressed about it. I know it will turn later on, it’s just a part of the game with losing months on some sports.

Screenshot 2017-09-09 at 08.50.47.png

Gladly my own bets have a fantastic month. I needed this winning streak for my self esteem. MLB has been very hard to bet on this season and the results hasn’t been with me. Hopefully it’s just variance and I can finish the season in green numbers.

That was all from me for this time. Good luck with your bets!

Portfolio ERG 3.1

I am now done with my portfolio for the upcoming year. I am very excited about this year and I am more confident than I have been in a very long time. I think I have good mix of tipsters and with a great potential to beat last years result

The base of my portfolio is the same as last year, but I have added some newcomers. Roughly 60 % of my bets approxingly are going to be from old tipsters, like Gowi and NMP. This is tipsters I know exactly how I am going to follow and they will produce I nice profit for me. The other 40 % is new, but not entirely new. I have followed a lot of them earlier and have the knowledge that it takes to get a great profit from them.

Målsättning 2017

I have three categories of tipsters: Asian, lower yield and european books. Every tipster and category has its own goal which I think is very low settled.

I am counting on placing 7 500 though this season with a turnover on over 7 000 000 SEK. Thats more than twice as much than last year. My expected ROI is slightly more than I managed to have last year, but if I only stick to my rules, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am actually pretty optimistic about beating this goals. The goals of each individual tipster is settle on the low side. Like Gowi had a ROI of 105 % last year (108 % with the same filter that I am using this year), but my goal is just 102 % for this year.

The expected profit of the year is 127 600 SEK which means a ROC slightly over 100 %.