Monthly report July

It’s a new month again and that means it’s time to look back on the numbers of the previous month. July was the first month in my 4th year betting and it was a really great start. I have leveled up my stakes and have a maximum bet on 1 500 SEK this season. This means the swings are much higher, in absolute numbers counted, which means it take more of me as a bettor to just ride the strikes out. Hopefully all month will be as smooth like this month. Then it’s going to be a easy ride to success. But like we all know, betting is not a smooth ride and long losing strikes will appear. But lets enjoy months like this, because this is what makes betting just the greatest hobby there is.

ERG 3.1

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 10.34.37.png

BOOM! Or what else can I say? A really great start to the fund with the highest return since the blog started, I suppose.

I placed 288 bets in July with a quarter of a million in turnover. A lot more in turnover than previous month which can be traced back to the higher stakes. 288 bets is very good in the low key summer months. ROI for the month was 106.14 % which is well over what I expect long term.

Horse racing


My horse racing project has been my biggest concern under the last few month. And my concern continues this month. 127 bets placed on horses and another losing month. Not as big as the last two but still a losing month. I have a unit size of 600 on N.M.P which means 1.5 units back. The official stats for the service was minus 10 units. This shows how easy the service is to follow and how generous his odds policy is. Despite this generous odds policy, he shows a long term ROI of 108 %. If he hasn’t lost his mojo, this is truly going to be the best service that I have ever followed.

The other tipsters that I followed this month generated a ROI on 108 % with an average odds on 2.16 and 52 % win rate. Stable!

MLB 2017

Screenshot 2017-08-06 at 11.09.07.png

My own bets on MLB showed profit for the first month this season. Hopefully I can build on this and make more money in August. Low turnover because of the All-star break.


As I have wrote before, I’m looking for few new services too follow. But there is not much that fits my profil. Easy to follow, set sending times and a high ROI is not something you find easily. The hunt continues! I have followed the big debate about Marketbeaters from the sideline as I don’t have the service myself. I wrote about them in a review (in swedish) in this post and most of it is still valid. They are a service for a betting beginner that spend alot of time in front of a computer. If you want a service that performs on the asian market, this is probably not the service for you.

Well I end my report here. July was a great month in terms of betting and I am really excited about the upcoming football season. It’s going to be really fun to have 20+ bets on a suturday afternoon to follow again, with some horse racing and other sports to complement the football.



ERG 3.1 Portfolio

Almost a month has gone since I started my fourth year on this blog following tipsters. It has, been a good month so far I think, and hopefully this will continue. I work simultaneously with my placing of bets and the upbuilding of my new tipster portfolio for the season. After the successfull season last year I now have bigger bankroll to handle which gives me an opportunity to take in services that I thought was to expensive last year when my stakes was 500-600 per bet.

After every other seasons, when I didn’t made any profits, I deposit money to my bankroll just to stand on the same spot as I did the season before. To this sesaon when I made a huge profit (oh well) I decided to deposit some money anyway. To this new season my bankroll is established on 125 000 SEK. I started last season with 50 000 and after a winning season of  44 000 SEK, my bankroll was up to 94 000 SEK. That means I deposit another 31 000 to my bankroll.

This is the largest bankroll I have had since I started betting and it feels like I’m doing this even more seriously now. I still think of my betting as a great hobby, but the possibilities is really great in this hobby. It feels dumb to not give it a serious try, now when I have the chance.

A bankroll of 125 000 would have give a standard bet of 1 250 SEK per unit. It would have been a rational thing to have. But I have decided to have a few Tipsters on a higher unitscale, 1 500 per play. 15 00 means 1.2 % of my bankroll which isn’t that much more. I still feel pretty safe with this stakings because I only use this higher stake with Tipsters that I know performs very well and the downside is low.


My portfolio isn’t definitly decided yet. There are still some services that I’m thinking of adding. But these 6 tipsters are a part of portfolio for uncoming season for sure:


We can start with my high stake tipsters. Club Gowi is my favorite tipster and he produced a great profit last season. I am very confident in his service and it deserves a higher stake. Even my Eu Tipster is a great service that has prodiced most of my profits the last 3 years. I’m a bit worried of limitation with the service, but as long as I can keep going, it is a superb Tipster. These two have great opportunities to have a far better ROI than my expected of 1-2 %. If they have a season as good as last year it could give me some serious money. If just these two have a ROI of 5 %, which is lower than last year, they will produce more profit than my exepcted for the whole portfolio.

The third tipster with a higher stake is a new tipster named Tipster 3. This is a Tipster that I have followed i few years back and now decided to take in again when my bankroll is bigger. It was left out from the portfolio for a couple of years because it has a fairly bigger fee. Now when I can bet 1500 it’s clearly worth a place again. Historically I can expect around 200 bets from my filtered part and 600 in total for the service. Every bet is achievable on the asian markets which is great in long term perspective.

Tipster 1 is upgraded to a stake of 1000 per bet. It performed well last season and hopefullt we will se something simular this season.

My horse racing tipster Northern Monkey Punter has a staking of 0.25-3 unit per bet. I will be following this staking with 600 SEK per unit. Of what I can read on his webpage he generates around 800 bets per year with a average stake of 1 unit per bet.

Last of my Tipsters is my own bets. I’m not raising the stake of my own tips for next season. I don’t trust my own knowledge as much as I trust my other Tipsters. My MLB season is this far a disaster and I have long way to go for just breakeven for the season.

Taken away from my portfolio is Le Grand Foot and Asian Tipster 2. Le Grand foot will not be included in the Club Gowi newsletter this season and I am not interested in buying their services for now. Tipster 2 is left out preliminary because I don’t know yet if I can follow him from my new home because of time differences.

As I said, this is not set in stone yet and there might be some other Tipsters before the seasons start. I’m really excited for this year and I think it have all the chances in the world to be my best season yet.

Next post here on the blog will be my Monthly report for July so stay tuned.

Rules for ERG 3.1

My new season has already begun and I think it has been a good start. I’m only updating my spreadsheet once a month so I don’t know for sure, but with a qualifed guess I would say it has been a really good start.

Like I said in the summary of ERG 3.0 I have a lot of rules to follow in my funds. If I stick to the rules I know I am going to have some really good results after a year of betting. My dicipline wasn’t good enough last season and I payed a lot for those mistakes. Therefore it is more important than ever to follow this rules this season.

The rules

  1. Rule number one is to always follow my rules. No exceptions or special occasions. Always follow my rules.
  2. I will only follow the services that I’ve decided before the seasons starts. The last two years I have taking in new services under the ongoing series. This has cost me alot and I will not pay for that mistake again.
  3. Never drop out of a service. I have done a lot of research of every service and they are in my portfolio for a reason. I believe in them and a short period of bad result will not change that. Think long term!
  4. Always follow my staking plan with every tipster. Before the tipsters seasons start I set a flatbet on everyone. This is the betsize that will stick with them over the entire year.
  5. Follow my filters on tipsters and only bet the bets I know is really good. No gambling, just investing.
  6. Skip bets that has dropped to much or where I can’t get the same odds as the tipster. Especially with N.M.P I have seen a problem to get a fair odds when I miss the sending time with the bets. The drops is very big when it comes to betting on horses and I need to stay calm and stay out of the bets.

The rules are actually pretty obvious and easy. The hard part is to have the dicipline and not fall for psycological traps. But if I stick to this rules I know for sure my fourth year will be at least as good as year three. My long term goal with betting is to have a ROI of between 101-102 % and if I stick to this I’m sure that I will achieve wit ease under 2017-2018.

Summary of ERG 3.0

Time to summary my third year in portfolio gambling on this blog. When I started out last summer with this third year, I had two losing years behind me. Bad discipline, too many services in my portfolio and hubris with my stakes was the main reasons to the bad performance. Therefore, when I started out for my third year here at the blog my focus was to slim my portfolio to only the best, maintain my strategy for the whole season and not get hubris and higher my stakes under the season.

The strategies

I only manage to do one of this things actually, but I didn’t leave the others as much as I have in previous years. The only task I did manage to maintain for the whole season was to keep my portfolio slim. I started out with four services and ended with six. In comparison with last year when I had the dubble I am very pleased with all of the services I have been following this year.

In order to maintain my strategy you can argue for that I manage to do it in some ways. I followed my four start services for the whole seasons and didn’t drop out on any under on going season. This was something I have done in previous years with for example Daily Profit and Georges Dempsey. Good scouting and knowing everything there is to know about the services are important keys to a good portfolio gambling.

In other ways I didn’t manage to keep my strategy. Under the season I have tried out a number of new services, services that I didn’t had enough knowledge to follow yet and the result was of course red on this ones. A good example on this is the horse racing services that I have tried out on the last two month. I was clearly not ready to start to follow a whole new sport and now I have paid alot for that mistake. 20 000 to be exactly.

About the stakes, I didn’t kept my flat bet under the entire year. After the new year I raised my betsize from 500 to 600. But it wasn’t about hubris though (maybe a little), it was mainly so I could start betting with Sportmarket Pro. Under the spring I raised my stakes again on my EU book services to 1000. This was a rational decision but it was against my strategy.

All about that. Now over to what most of you are here to read about: the numbers.


I placed 5424 bets under the year. Thats a lot of bets and much more than I did last season (2784 in ERG 2.0, plus a lot of small bets in my volume fonds). Even if I have placed a record of bets this season I have spend a lot less time to follow the services. All the tipsters I follow is really easy to follow with set times or easy to get odds.

The turnover just got over the three million line under the last day of betting. Three million SEK is really a lot of money if you put it in perspective. But in the gambling world it is nothing special and I hope to get a higher turnover in upcoming years. The revenue lands on 42 000 SEK which gives me ROC of  84 %. I’m a bit disappointed that I dropped under 100 % under the last two month. But 84 % return in one year is an incredible result. I am more than happy to show this kind of numbers and really hope my next year can be at least as good.

My yield lands on 101.4 % which is in the middle region of my long term goal on 101-102 %. It was a decent year in other words. Isn’t it amazing that you can make a 84 % ROC with just 101.4 % in yield? Most people are looking to have about 110 % yield and are not happy if they don’t get it. I am more than happy with my ROI and if I can keep it like this forever I’m going to be a rich man.


In this chapter I will go on a more detailed review of each tipster I follow. As I wrote before I started out with 4 services and all of them is getting a small review. I will also let you through the numbers of my own betting and my experiments with new services.

Club Gowi

Club Gowi is my cornerstone in the portfolio. I think it is an incredable service with good results, easy to follow odds in asia and with set time for the emails. The results over the year is as follows.

747 bets and a yielding 105 % plus. Just amazing really. As I have wrote a lot of times before I have a filter of which bets I place with the service. He isn’t as great in all sports or countrys, but if you are selective there is a lot of money to make. If you look on the whole service it isn’t as great as my results (The picture to the left). I have had some problem to stick to my filter in low key days. If I had followed my filter strictly I have had a much better results (picture to the right).

A lot more bets and a lot lower yield. You can easily se that there is a 80/20 distribution or more like a 99/40 where 99 % of the winnings come from 40 % of the bets. I lower my workload and still gets all of the winnings.


This is a contact that I have followed for years on the EU markets. He has been incredable over several years and made me a ton of money. He is by far the tipster that I made most money of over the years. This years results is no different:

Exactly as many bets as Gowi but I slightly better yield make him the king tipster of the year. But in comparison to Gowi this tipster places all his bets in EU which make it a unfair matchup. But 106 % yield and a revenue of 26 000 and I am more than happy to follow this service as long as my accounts are open.

Just like in the case with Gowi I have a filter on this service. And just as with Gowi I didn’t manage to follow it so strictly as I should.

As you can se I could have made more money on half of the bets if I only had followed my rules. Next season I will definitly only place the bets in my filter. It gets so clear when you make this summaries of your betting. What you are good at, what you can improve. I really urge you all to do this with your own betting. Maybe blogging about it isn’t for all, but do it for yourself. It will improve your gambling!

Tipster 1 Asia

This is my second year with this service. It is a service were all bets are placed in asia but in small markets. Sometimes as small as just 100 €. Therefore I keep it to my self and not expose it here on the blog. It would be the dead for myself to follow it.

A bit over 1000 bets and a ROI for me at 103.2 %, all placed on asian bookies. A really good service in other words. With my stakes it is still easy to get my bets on for now and for a long time to come. A profit of 20 000 is more than enough especially as it is a free tipster. Set times to take the bets make it easy for me to follow. The only bad thing about the service is the odds availability. It is a struggle every day to get the best odds and if you are a minute late you are out of the game. As long as I am one of the fastest it will be a top service for me.

Tipster 2 Asia

Tipster 2 is a tipster that mainly place his bets in asia. It is easy to follow in many ways, like the odds don’t drop and it is on big markets.

Not as good yield as the other ones but it is enough for me to follow. High volume is my favorite style and I really like it. 15 000 SEK in profit is really good over the season in my opinio and it is very scaleable with the large markets.

I don’t know yet if I’m going to follow this service when the new season starts yet. Not because it’s a bad service or something like that. It more a issue of time, because I think the time differens in my new land are going to be a problem. Most of this picks would arrive in my inbox in the middle of the night which I’m not that interested in. I will think about it a bit more but it leans to that I drop this service in ERG 3.1.


What about my own bets? I have experimented with both football and my beloved baseball over the year with mixed results.

604 bets have I managed to place over the year. The result is a bit dissapointing with a negative result and a loss of 3000 SEK. Not that turn-out that I was hoping for but still not a totally surprice either. I’m still in a learning process in my own gambling and I think (and hope) that I will develop more skills if I decide to continue.

I am not sure if I’m going to continue though. My own capping take more than the double time than my portfolio does and I have nothing to show for it. I still think it is fun to follow a sport and bet on it, but it is not economical for me to do it. I will continue untile further notice but maybe I will drop it later this autumn.

That was all the services I planned to follow under the year. If I had stuck to this I would have had a profit of 80 000 for the year. If I only had followed this services AND the filters that I put up for them I have had a profit of 93 500. To bad for me I didn’t had the character to do so and therefore we are now going over to the experiment and new services that I tried out under the season.

Le Grand Foot

This is a service that came for free with the Club Gowi service. I decided before the season to not start following it because it didn’t had any public track record. But after a good run over the autumn the fear of missing out hit me and after new year I started to follow the service. And you can guess what happend. The spring was so red that the communists looks blue.

A misstake that cost me around 9000 SEK. The service is taken away from the Club Gowi package to next season and I will not pay 300 € to continue following it.

Horse racing

To start betting on horses are the dumbest and funniest thing I have done over the entire betting year, maybe in my whole career. The results has been really bad, but the excitment is almost worth it. It was a big mistake to take in a service like Sure Shot because it is really hard to follow. I lost a ton of money in the few weeks I tried to follow it. After my trial period I switched to Northern Monkey Punter. A much easier service to follow with fewer bets and easy to get odds.

Even if the results are this bad I really think this can be my best sport when i summaries ERG 3.1. N.M.P has a long term ROI on 110 % and that is with odds easy to replicate or even beat. I am looking forward to the following month and expect to make a great profit from this service.

Other than this I also tried a few bets on several other services with really bad results. After a few losses I read my old reports here on the blog and reminded myself why I shouldn’t jump on tipsters in the middle of there seasons. A loss of around 10 000 was the results on this badly decisions from me.

EU versus Asia

I have, over the year, placed bets both in Asia and EU. Long term I know I am going to lose my accounts in EU, but as long as they’re open I will continue to use them to boost my profits. As long as I know that I’m also profitable in asia I can continue with this strategy.

Lets start with the EU results.

EU Bets

Not as great yield as you would had thought right? But this numbers is strongly affected of the horse racing betting. To get a fair view of my EU betting we have to sort out the horse racing bets.

Thats more like it. A great profit and yield on few bets. If I had used the 80/20 principle on my betting I would have only placed this bets. But I know this is only for a limited time and I must keep on my strategy to make in Asia.

Asian Bets

Not as good results as with the EU bookies of course. Almost 90 % of my bets are placed in asia, which is good for the future, but only 60 % of my winnings. The yield is significant lower and I am almost under my long term goal at 101-102 %. Under the spring when I switched to Sportmarket from just using Pinnacle I got a higher yield so I hope I can continue on that path over autumn.


It has been a great betting year for me and I am very satisfied with my results. But, it could have been a even greater year if I just had stuck to my plan. In ERG 3.1 all of my mistakes I have done through the years will be long gone. Rules are made to be followed, not broken. I will write a post about my strategies for ERG 3.1 someday this month I think.

We finishes this marathon blogpost with my statistics summarised:

Månadrapport Juni

Då var juni över och det är dags för sista månadsrapporten för år 3 av min seriösa satsning på portföljbetting. Juni var en halvdan månad med ett avbrott i spelandet på 8 dagar mitt i när jag befann mig på varmare breddgrader vid Adriatiska havet. En i vanliga fall månad med låg volym, fick en ännu lägre volym i och med detta.

Som jag aviserade förra veckan ska jag helt göra om bloggen inför år 4. Faktum är att detta är det sista inlägget som kommer att publiceras på svenska på bloggen. Årssummering av ERG 3.0, som jag hoppas kunna bli klar med under veckan, kommer att bli det första inlägget på engelska. Men först ska denna månad summeras, så vi kör väl igång med siffrorna.

ERG 3.0

Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 11.30.39.png

Som sagt, en månad med väldigt få spel i jämförelse med tidigare månader, enbart 190 stycken. Utan min nya satsning på galopp hade omsättningen blivit mycket längre då denna står för mer än hälften av spelen. Jag räknar med att det även blir en låg volym i juli och augusti för att sedan dra igång mer i september. Omsättningen denna månad hamnar under 100 000 SEK.

Då en stor del spelen är på galopp blir medelinsatsen lägre och medeloddset högre. I ERG 3.1 kommer jag därför att särskilja redovisningen av galopp och resterande sporter då dessa siffror blir helt betydelselösa som det ser ut nu, speciellt när det blir en hel del parlays med odds upp mot tresiffrigt.

Resultatet för månaden då? Minus 7000 SEK precis som förra månaden, vilket betyder att jag avslutar år 3 med 14 000 back under sommarmånaderna. Riktigt tråkig avslutning, då jag låg på ett riktigt fint resultat tidigare. När jag ser igenom siffrorna så kan jag härleda hela förlusten till galoppen. Räknar jag bort resultaten från galoppen blir resultatet för månaden en vinst på 1900 och på två månadersperioden en vinst på 2800.

Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 11.43.42.pngScreenshot 2017-07-01 at 11.51.40.png

Jag har sagt det flera gånger tidigare att jag inte ska hoppa in tjänster jag inte förstår eller hoppa in i någon mitt under säsong. Detta är en av de viktigaste regler jag haft (och faktiskt följt) under ERG 3.0, som gjort att det gått så bra. Att ta in galoppet var troligtvis ett förhastat beslut och det har kostat väldigt mycket pengar under dessa två månaderna.

Jag ser dock ingen anledning att sluta att lägga spelen. Jag förstår mer och mer hur jag ska följa tjänsterna och hur jag ska lägga insatserna. Northern Monkey Punter, som jag följer, har ett väldigt generöst sätt att bokföra på och klarar trots det av att ha en ROI på 109 % long term. Jag kommer kämpa på under denna säsongen med galoppen och jag tror verkligen att det kommer bli en lukrativ investering när jag summerar halvåret i början av januari. Men nästa gång jag tar in en ny tjänst på prov, ska jag definitivt börja med att papperstradea den så jag inte gör sådana här kostsamma misstag igen.

MLB 2017

Jag har under månaden kört vidare med mitt MLB projekt och fått ungefär liknande resultat som tidgare under året.

Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 11.45.38.png

Det vill sig inte alls denna säsongen. Jag är nu uppe i över 200 spel för säsongen och ligger på en ROI runt 94 % på spelen, vilket är sämre än om en apa kastat pil om vilka spel som ska läggas. Jag har ännu inte lagt in stängningsoddsen på spelen denna månaden, men ska göra det när tid ges och analysera om jag fortfarande slår dem. Det känns inte alls kul att lägga tiden på spelen när resultatet är såhär. Men samtidigt vet jag att 200 spel är väldigt lite och absolut inte tillräckligt för att avgöra vad min långsiktiga edge är.

Jag kör på med spelen i alla fall och så får vi se vad utfallet blir vid nästa månads avstämning. Är det fjärde månaden i rad med röda siffror kommer jag allvarligt överväga om jag ska fortsätta.


Ännu en tung månad som fick bli avslutning på fonden. Galoppen har varit dyr, men långsiktigt tror jag den kommer att vara ett riktigt guldägg i portföljen. Jag kommer under veckan uppdatera alla sidor till engelska samt sammanställa en rapport över året med ERG 3.0. Samtligt har redan den nya fonden, ERG 3.1, startat och jag kommer göra en stor genomgång av mina regler, tjänster, insatser och mycket mer i ett senare inlägg.

Juli kommer bli en späckad månad på bloggen!

Total makeover of EnRiktigGambler

Som jag aviserat tidigare kommer jag att göra en stor förändring här på bloggen. Detta kommer göras i samband med att mitt privatliv kommer förändras markant under hösten då jag ska studera en termin utomlands. I samband med detta tänkte jag att det kan passa bra att få en ny utmaning med bloggen och börja skriva på engelska.

Bloggens besöksantal har under det senaste året stannat av och jag känner att bloggen kräver en förändring för att försätta växa. Jag skriver i och för sig till största del för min egen skull och för att jag ska utveckla mitt spelande och mitt kritiska tänkande och inte för att jag ska få många besökare. Men jag skulle ljuga om jag påstod att det inte är motiverande att följa besökarantalet på bloggen. Ju fler som läser bloggen ju mer motiverad är jag att skriva kvalitativt material. Jag känner därför att en ny bra utmaning blir att börja skriva på engelska. Dels för att jag vill utveckla min engelska och dels för att försöka skapa en mer internationella kontakter med samma inriktning som mig själv.

Den svenska bettingscenen har blivit mer och mer segmenterad känns det som. Det finns en liten elit som tjänar stora pengar som hänger på twitter och i stängda forum. Sen finns det stora torskar som hänger på Facebook och Rekatochklart. Mellanskiktet som tidigare hängde på Sharps har antingen slutat eller utvecklats vidare till att få vara med bakom de stängda dörrarna. Jag själv tillhör det mellanskiktet som har bettingen som en stor hobby som jag ändå tar seriöst. Jag tror även att mina läsare framförallt tillhör detta mellanskikt och i takt med att den minskar behöver jag därför vidga mig internationellt för att få läsare.

Ändringen kommer ske successivt under sommaren och min utvärdering av säsongen och ERG 3.0 kommer bli det sista inlägget på svenska av bloggen. Jag hoppas att ni vill fortsätta följa min bettingresa även nästa säsong! Jag ser riktigt mycket fram emot hösten, både privat och inom spelandet och jag tror säsongen 17/18 kommer bli fantastisk!


Hemma igen efter en veckas semester i solen. Eller det var tanken i alla fall, för vädret var inte alltid med oss under veckan då två av sju dagar regnade bort. Men det har varit riktigt underbart att få komma bort efter den väldigt intensiva perioden med examensarbete de senaste 3-4 månaderna. Nu ska jag ha en riktig bra sommar med jobb och gott umgänge innan jag ska på nya äventyr till hösten.

Under veckan har jag inte lagt ett enda spel, vilket är något som jag haft som rutin när jag är utomlands. Jag tycker det är viktigt att kunna slappna av helt när jag har semester och inte vara beroende av datortid (eller mobiltid) på knackigt internet. Jag tycker även det är viktigt att kunna lägga bort spelandet under perioder. Jag har skrivit om detta förr men jag anser det är en väldigt viktig aspekt att tänka över. Spelandet är något som många blir beroende av och det har förstört otaliga personers liv. Att ha en paus från det under perioder är sunt för att se över hur ens inställning är till spelandet. Spelar man för att det är roligt? Eller spelar man för att man måste och inte kan låta bli?

Jag är i alla fall säker på att jag fortfarande håller spelandet på en sund nivå och kan utan problem vara utan under perioder. Visst har jag varit nervös under dagen då N.M.P kunde få in storslam, vilket jag har tyckt varit oerhört jobbigt att missa. Det är en stor psykologisk påfrestning att missa spel. Speciellt när det kan bli så hög utdelning som det kunde idag. Hade jag lagt dessa spel och hästen vunnit hade det varit en vinst på uppemot sexsiffrigt belopp för mig. Hade jag missat den för att jag varit utomlands hade jag blivit väldigt knäckt. Jag lider dock med Portfoliogambler som hade dragit in 200K om hästen vunnit idag. Utöver dessa storslam-möjligheter har det inte varit några problem att skippa spelen. Det vanliga spelen med 2.00 i odds är inte så farligt att man tappar några, det jämnar ut sig över tiden.

Det är dock skönt att vara tillbaka och kunna lägga sina spel igen. Gamblingen förgyller verkligen min vardag och det är nog det roligaste jag vet! Jag ska nu börja se över min strategi för nästa säsong och även komma med en stor förändring av bloggen. Det känns som att tillväxten har stannat av med läsare och det gör att jag tappar en del motivation. Därför behövs en nytändning och en förändring.

MLB kommer att rulla på igen med start i morgon. Jag ser riktigt positivt på resterande del av säsongen även om jag är grymt missnöjd med de första månaderna. Jag kommer köra vidare tills vidare och om jag fortsätter att slå stängningsoddsen så kommer jag inte vara jätteorolig att förlora pengar på spelen åtminstone.