Monthly report Oktober

Another late report from me. So much other things that takes to much time for me to prioritize the blog. But better late than never and here it is. It feels strange to go back to these numbers again because I have already put them behind me. Oktober was a disaster in every part of my portfolio. Let us check out the numbers.

ERG 3.1

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 10.09.12

A disaster indeed. Almost 50 000 in loss over the course of one month. There is setbacks and there is setbacks. This is one of my greatest in years with around 40 % of my starting bankroll gone.

Turnover on the month lands on 612 000 SEK slightly below last month which is a surprise for me. I thought before the month that oktober would see a higher turnover but that was not the case. One reason is that I have trouble with one of my high turnover services. They have changed the send out time to a later morning time when I’m at work. In other words, I can’t follow them on weekdays. Even at weekends I have had trouble because of the fast dropping odds. I know one of my rules before the season was not to dropp out of a service, but I don’t think I have any edge with this service this season. I am putting it at hold for the moment and see if it goes back to be easier to follow. Last season it proveded around 1000 bets at a ROI of 103 % so it is a really nice service to follow.

If we look at the graph for the month it is looking a lot like a kids slide.

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 10.49.18

Between 2017-10-12 to 2017-10-18 I made a total loss of 57 000 SEK. That is what I call a bad weekend. Half of my starting bankroll gone in just 6 days. Thats variance at its worst!


Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 10.34.06

All the loss from the month is from the sports part of the portfolio. The biggest villain in the portfolio was Gowi that showed a loss of 25 000 SEK. Of the 90 bets I placed from him only 30 was winners. Hopefully he gets back on the winning line in november! The high turnover service that I talked about before did also have a disaster month with a loss of 18 000.

Horse racing

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 10.38.42

A slightly losing month for my horse racing services to. A positive thing is that my change from Bet365 to the exchange has gone pretty well so far. I know I’m losing a lot of edge with the change but it seems that I still can follow in a acceptable manner. The N.M.P is harder than my other service, especially because I’m not enable to place his parlays.

Year 4

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 10.43.13

A 3rd of my 4th year has past and after this horrifying month I’m sitting on 20K loss. Hopefully this will turn already to the new year but you’ll never know in betting. Almost 2 millions in turnover so far which is 66 % of last years turnover. In this pace I will place bets to a value of 6 millions in a year. That means that with just a ROI of 101 % makes me a 60 000 profit. But thats a long way to go for me.