Betting funds

In the latest update from Sportmarket they introduced a new site that they are sponsering: Winbets is a betting forum like every other, in which experts can share their plays on sports. Nothing new there, but I really like the effort to try renaissance this field.

What is new and what I find very interesting is a new feature, betting funds where you can invest in a persons betting plays. For now there is only one fund up on the site which is a fund managed by Peter Hedlund and invests in swedish football.

So how do a betting fund work? 

You invest a set amount of money into the fund. The manager of the fund place bets with the total of money invested in the fund and by the end of year (or other time period) the investors gets their share of the winnings. For the service the manager takes a percentish of the winnings. In other words, it works exactly like a hedge fund with on commission.

I have waited for this things to really take of. First there was smartbet bot which has a bit left to really work perfectly. Now this idea!

Why is this the future?

I can see a lot of advantages with this kind of set up:

  1. Every investor gets the same odds as the manager. If you invest you’ll never be worried of odds drop and such things as everybody gets the same odds.
  2. Fully transparent. A manager can not lie about his results with bets from obscure eu-books and such. Every bet is placed with Sportmarket!
  3. No work for the investors. After the investment is set, you can just lay back and follow the experts tips automatically.

My biggest issues with following tipsters is: Odds drop, bets in irregular times and small markets. This could all be fixed with this kind of fund. This is a win-win situation for the managers and the investors. Hopefully there will be a lot more of this funds on the site soon because I om very keen on trying it out. I think I have a lot of readers that should be interested in having his own fund and that I would been interested in investing in. So hopefully some of you will try it!


But everything isn’t just great about this idea. One thing that is most certainly be a problem is overinvesting. If there is a fund that is very good and place bets in small markets, lets say swedish ice hockey, it will get to big to get any return for the individual investor. To fix this there must be limitation in every investors buy in which can be really small.

Despite this I really think this is a interesting feature and I will follow it in the near future.

What do you think about the idea? Can it work?